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Title Insurance for the Future

There are few things more important than protecting your home. Owner’s Title Insurance has been offered for more than 150 years, because even the best title search and examination cannot protect your equity and home from matters not appearing in the public record.

The standard policy covers you for defects and liens in the history of your title through the date and time your Deed is recorded in the public records. The ALTA Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance provides coverage for many additional risks, including some which might occur after the deed is recorded.

Below is a coverage comparison that will help you decide which policy is the best for you to protect your ownership in your home.

  Standard Enhanced
Both Policies Include:
Mechanic’s Lien Coverage Yes Yes
Third Party claims an interest in the title Yes Yes
Improperly executed documents Yes Yes
Pre-Policy forgery, fraud or duress Yes Yes
Non-recorded restrictive covenants Yes Yes
Defective recording of documents Yes Yes
Prior recorded liens not disclosed in the policy Yes Yes
Unmarketability of the title Yes Yes
Policy insures anyone who inherits the property from you Yes Yes
Additional Coverages in Enhanced Policy:
Policy insures the Trustee of your estate-planning trust No Yes
Policy insures the beneficiaries of your trust upon your death No Yes
Automatic increase in coverage up to 150% (not based on inflation) No Yes
Post Policy Forgery No Yes
Post Policy encroachment onto insured land No Yes
Legal right to ACTUAL vehicular and pedestrian access No Yes
Coverage for certain losses due to Building Permit violations (subject to a deductible and liability limits) No Yes
Coverage for certain losses due to zoning law violations (subject to a deductible and liability limits) No Yes
Coverage for certain losses due to existing violation of subdivision law (subject to a deductible and liability limits) No Yes
Post policy structural damage from third party easement for mineral extraction No Yes
Violation of restrictive covenants identified in the Policy:    
— Resulting in loss from correction or removal No Yes
— Resulting in loss of title No Yes
— Resulting in loss of use where single family dwelling prohibited No Yes
Forced removal of existing structures that:    
— Encroach onto an easement identified in the Policy No Yes
— Violate a building restriction line identified in the Policy No Yes
— Encroach onto neighbor’s land (subject to a deductible and liability limits if boundary wall or fence) No Yes
— Land cannot be used for single family dwelling under zoning ordinance No Yes

For Comparison Purposes Only. Both policies contain insuring provisions, conditions, stipulations, exclusions & exceptions as set out by the individual underwriter and the American Land Title Association.